Guardians of the Galaxy Behind The Scenes Featurette

+ Captain America: The Winter Soldier #1 three Weeks 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier #1 three Weeks 

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+ Captain America: The Winter Soldier  poster artist Patrick Connan

Captain America: The Winter Soldier  poster artist Patrick Connan

+ Captain America: The Winter Soldier New Zealand poster artist Paul Shipper

Captain America: The Winter Soldier New Zealand poster artist Paul Shipper

Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Captain America The Winter Soldier Wave 02


Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Captain America The Winter Soldier Wave 01 with Mandroid

This set contains the following:

Marvel Now! Captain America 

Captain America 

Red Skull 

Hydra Soldier

Baron Zemo

A.I.M. Soldier 

Guardians of the Galaxy Sneak Peak

SPOILER Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s post-credits sequences


Even since Nick Fury arrived to recruit Iron Man in 2008, Marvel’s end credits Easter eggs and stinger scenes have become almost a big an experience as the movie that precedes them. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is no exception, and as usual, if you’re not completely familiar with the source material there’s a chance you’ve missed some details which we can explain for you.

Thor: The Dark World,Captain America: The Winter Soldier has two extra scenes within the credits. One which leads into another Marvel movie, and another which continues a plot thread from the one you just saw.

The scene opens on a Hydra facility where a team of scientists are examining Loki’s mind-controlling staff – the one last seen shutting down the wormhole generator in Avengers. Overseeing the action is a man with a monocle and facial scars. Comic fans will recognise him as famous Captain America villain, Baron Strucker. He gloats about the destruction of SHIELD and muses how fortunate it was for Hydra that no-one there truly understood the power of the staff.

He then turns and walks around a corner into a different room of their facility. Talking with an aide, he wonders if now might be the time to activate “the twins”. The camera spins around to show two jail cells, positioned side-by-side. In the left one, a tall, thin man with white hair is writhing in frustration. His movements are a blur and he jumps around nervously, flitting about the cell in near-instantaneous jitters that imply great speed. In the right hand cell, a dark-haired woman sits on the floor, huddled next to the wall. She seems confused and strung out, but she’s holding both hands out in front of her and there are small blocks levitating between them. A few seconds later, the scene cuts to black.


The Second sequence We’re back at the Captain America exhibit in the museum – the same one that Rogers visited incognito earlier in the film. This time, it isn’t Cap who’s looking around, but someone else. When we see his face, we realise it’s Bucky. He’s studying the same exhibit Rogers looked at: the one that tells of Bucky and Rogers’ close acquaintance, his capture during the war and his eventual death on a mission with the Howling Commandoes. The visuals fade and the last thing we see are the words ‘Captain America will return in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Global List Differences

10 different screenshots of Captain America’s list of things he needs to learn about to catch up to the 21st Century in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and depending on the country where the movie’s being shown, the list is different.

The United States


The United Kingdom

South Korea







It’s interesting to note that the bottom five entries of the list, starting with “Thai Food,” remain consistent throughout (maybe Disney/Marvel Studios’ digital wizards couldn’t replace the stuff that Chris Evans’ hand passed over), but the top items change a lot. Russian Cap doesn’t care as much about the moon landing as it does about the Soviet dissolution in 1991, for instance. The UK’s version of Cap needs to know more about The Beatles and Sean Connery. South Korea’s Cap wants to bone up on Oldboy, while France’s wants to learn more about Daft Punk (does he know that the A doesn’t stand for France)? Mexico’s is into Shakira, while Brazil is into scantily clad children’s TV star Xuxa.

Quite a few lists include notes about different World Cup years and space travelers.